The Do And learn Reading programme, implemented in the year 2000, was the result of a lifetime of educational expertise and research Dr Rose Botha. She then had 60 years of teaching experience and was actively involved in the education process until her untimely passing at age 83. The method is a combination of sounds, sight reading, association and activities which has all contributed to the success of the programme.

The initial aim was to teach pre-schoolers to read, but it soon became clear that there was a far broader demand in the community. A complete package was compiled, it has already been successfully implemented in schools and youth centres aimed at Gr. R - Gr. 10 for learners who are unable to read. Even adults have benefited from this programme.


The mere fact that learners are able to read seven sentences after their first lesson has greatly enhanced their self-esteem. All the lessons demand personal involvement, each word is taught with an association and the relevant activity - hence the name Do and Learn.

The programme consists of a manual, Reader Workbook, flashcards words with association, phonics flashcards, and a therapeutic DVD. The DVD teaches exercises of laterality, balance and crossing the midline etc. In the manual, various aspects of eye exercises and reading techniques are explained, which, will promote reading. This complete programme is available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

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Dr Rose Botha
Founder of Do and Learn
Sadly passed on some years ago.
Dokka Swart